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  • Milly Bannister

What Coachella is Really Like...

Welcome to 'the struggles of Coachella you don't see on Instagram.' Between you and me, I’m really not a ‘festival girl’. I don’t drink and I like going to bed at 10pm.🌵

Butttt, Coachella was definitely a magical, (although intensely exhausting), experience and I was able to work with some really special brands to bring looks together that felt like ‘Milly’. Thank you @LashesOn5th for giving me bomb eyelashes so I don’t have to wear too much makeup 💋, @The9thMuse_HK for the gold necklace set so I can interchange it with every outfit ✨ and finally to Australian designer @SqueakDesign for giving me a cute bag big enough to fit the junk in the trunk. Now let's take a look at the 5 things no one told you about Coachella...

1. It's actually really hard to get Insta-worthy photos

When your friends are plastered and it's 1,000 degrees, nobody wants to stand there and take a million photos of you in your outfit, even if it took you 3 months to prepare. Me? Well I parted ways with my group of friends a few times as I had to do my own thing in order to get the content I needed and visit the right spots at the right times. Therefore, I had to painfully ask one lucky, random passerby to snap the shot for me. Also, that cute photo you wanted in front of the ferris wheel, good luck getting some space between the elephant herds of people who will stampede in and out of your frame with no remorse. But, I made it work with the shutter feature on iPhone and took over 100 photos each time. There was no way I was asking my poor human tripod to 'go again, I blinked'.

Both of these snaps were taken by staff members that I roped into helping me out.

2. The heat will almost kill you

I think the Coachella Festival Organizers forgot to mention that it's about 1,000 degrees each day with very little sun cover or water fountains. You should act as if you are preparing for middle school camp and bring sunscreen, a hat, a bandana to breathe during dust storms and sunglasses you don't mind losing.


3. There are way more (A-list) surprise guests than you could ever hope for

Okay so nobody told me I would get to see Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy, 21 Savage, Kendrick Lamar, Kehlani, Jay Z or that a Destiny's Child reformation was included in the ticket price??? Not to mention Yodel Boy poppin' up like it aint' no thang.

4. Your outfits will never be good enough

People watching is one of my favourite things about Coachella. Sometimes you'll see some real strange dudes (hilarious), but you'll also see the girls who spent eight months and eight thousand dollars on preparing for Coachella (sigh). Don't stress though, you look just as cute!

5. The grounds are massive and you should wear comfortable shoes

You should really take your footwear as seriously as you do your hydration. I was walking upwards of 10 miles a day. No big deal.

Now that you've seen the behind the scenes grit required to conquer Coachella, take a look at my pretty photos that were all taken my random people, on my iPhone and edited by me!

Happy Coachella!