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  • Milly Bannister

Owning Your Sexual Health = Self Respect

Growing up as young girls, everyone repeatedly told us to respect others. We learnt alllll about respect and how to show people respect and kindness in a whole bunch of different ways, making it seem like this was the one golden rule to live by. But nobody actually taught us how to respect ourselves, and why we should learn to respect ourselves before we even learn how to respect others. Because of this, we may have become a little too caught up in trying to please everyone started putting ourselves last.

In terms of sexual health, self-worth and self-respect is right, so why is carrying condoms wrong? If carrying condoms means we're putting ourselves and our sexual health first, then why do we get defined as promiscuous or trampy instead of simply in control of our health? I once had a male jokingly tell me that it's a (very much spoken) rule; if a girl is carrying a condom, don't sleep with her because she's a 'hoe'. Let’s clear something up, carrying a condom DOES NOT mean anything other than that woman respects herself enough to take control of her sexual health. Whether she's a virgin or a frequent shopper, it shouldn't matter, as long as she's practising safety and kindness with herself and her partner. By partnering with @MomentsCondoms, I get to help teach women and men, that carrying a condom is like carrying any other preventative safety mechanism, that safe sex is an act of self-love. We are teaching them that it's actually a mark of self-respect, and that, as women who carry condoms, we amass a deep sense of self-worth and self-love. We are indeed worthy of receiving love and kindness and then in turn, giving love and kindness to others, in whatever way we want.

Jump on board and get some GRL power condoms to activate your journey of SELF-LOVE!

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Photos by @JStudStudio in NYC! See his website here