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  • Milly Bannister

Milly's Dance Party Challenge (Make it happen anywhere)

Take the party anywhere! It’s well known amongst my community that I love a good dance party. Whether it’s a solo shimmy in my bedroom when I’m getting ready for the day, a one-woman show on Instagram stories or a full dance battle with good friends, it’s a fact that music makes me lose control. Which, for a busy, anxious, control-freak of a young woman, is a really, really good thing.

Science has proven time and time again that having a dance, whenever, wherever, can improve emotional and physical health, build self-confidence, creativity and spatial awareness. It's a mood-booster. It’s soul food. It’s good for your body/ brain and best part of all, the feeling is contagious! You can listen to GRLKND's Season 1 Finale Podcast: Self-Care Tips from a Nike Dream Leader, featuring everything joyful movement!

The incredible nature of our body science makes it impossible for us not to feel good during exercise. When we exercise,our brain starts to release "happy hormones." We feel a boost of serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine which help us feel more relaxed, feel happier and feel less pain, diminishing both the emotional pain and physical pain. It’s hard not to feel confident when we’re happy. Regardless of how we feel about ourselves before we start exercising, our own body chemistry will not let us down. In fact, exercise is one of the best ways to support our mental health. Doctors regularly recommend it for those fighting depression and anxiety because, scientifically, exercise is actually a MORE potent drug than any antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication on the market. Isn’t that incredible?

When we’re stressed, we can feel depressed and anxious and forget our self-worth. Stress can cause us to feel like we will never reach our goals, so we stop trying. It’s a vicious cycle that we need to end right now. That’s where our movement strategies come in. Even just going for a walk or throwing on 5 favorite songs and dancing around the living room for 20 minutes can have an incredibly positive effect. Moving our body, in whatever way we choose, will help to reduce the number of stress hormones in our bodies, whilst increasing the happy hormones, giving us all the confidence we need to smash our goals and have a darn good day, every day.

I'm excited to begin 2020 in partnership with Sony and the XB32 (Extra Bass) wireless Bluetooth speaker. I want to challenge my community to integrate a 1 or more song dance party into their daily routine as a fun, flirty form of self-care. Here's a playlist I've prepared for you! Get Groovin!

To learn more about the Sony XB32 wireless speaker click here.

This blog post was brought to you in partnership with @Sony. All opinions are my own. #SonyAudio