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  • Milly Bannister

Beach Challenge: Can FL beat AUS?

Growing up in the sunshine state of Australia, my standards of what defines a 'beach' are pretty high. In many parts of America, no matter how beautiful, I have been disappointed with what locals settle with as a 'beach'. So, in light of the fact that I still maintain Australia has the best beaches in the world, I've invented the 'beach challenge' to expand my horizons, quite literally, and find some new sandy gems to explore. This stop: Jacksonville, Florida. When you think of Florida beaches, Jacksonville often gets overshadowed by bigger beach towns like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. While these beaches tend to be more saturated with tourists, Jacksonville should not be discounted. In fact, Jacksonville has some of the best beaches in the whole state! After checking out these beaches, you’ll be madly searching for Jacksonville homes for sale. Here are just a few of Jacksonville’s many beautiful beaches.

Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is a small, laid-back community in Jacksonville. Though originally part of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach became its own municipality in 1931, and since then it has been regarded as a favorite getaway for both locals and tourists alike. Neptune Beach is extremely popular among surfers, and the waters offer perfect waves for both skilled and beginner surfers. Neptune Beach locals are known to enjoy bicycling along the beach, and the town boasts amazing bars, restaurants, and cafes to kick back and unwind. Neptune Beach has its own elementary, middle, and high schools, making it a great place to raise a family.

Atlantic Beach

Like Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach is another laid-back beach town with plenty to offer. Atlantic Beach is perfect for people who love to be active, and locals enjoy bicycling, surfing, and camping on the beach. Atlantic Beach also has several restaurants and shops, which have been known to attract tourists visiting the area. Speaking of tourists, there are also several nice hotels in the area, so visitors have their pick of where they want to stay. Atlantic Beach is the perfect low-key vacation town for active people who also want to kick their feet up and relax.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Jacksonville. The beach community is home to several amazing hotels and resorts that are unmatched in terms of luxury, and tourists continue to flock to Ponte Vedra for this reason. Ponte Vedra Beach boasts incredible white sands and blue water, and countless umbrellas and chairs can be seen lining the beach at any given time. Ponte Vedra is the kind of place that can only be described by experiencing it for yourself, so be sure to add it to your list of places to visit this summer.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is one of the most lively and active beach communities in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Beach Pier is one of the most popular spots to hang out, and visitors can enjoy fishing and sightseeing from the deck. Every year, Jacksonville Beach holds a sandcastle contest, which tends to draw crowds to judge the largest and most elaborate sandcastle. Jacksonville Beach is family-friendly and there is always something fun for people of all ages to enjoy, which is just one of the reasons why Jacksonville Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area!

Cool, you got me Jacksonville. See you next weekend?