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Milly left her wonderful life in Australia, full of incredible family and friends to travel the world indefinitely, but she’s still your girl next door. Sometimes she works with big brands such as BMW, Daniel Wellington, L’Oreal, Schick, Google Home, Spotify, Sony Universal Entertainment or Campbell’s Soup and sometimes she works with small, local start-ups, but she always supports unique, ethical, relevant and trend-forward lifestyle brands for the modern millennial.


Milly is relatable. She’s witty. She formulates leading content and delivery strategies for her dedicated audience. With a background in photography, a Bachelor's Degree in journalism/media, and an authentic passion for life, she’s an original, professional, thought-provoking, aspirational leader. She’s unapologetically Milly. 

In a bold move consistent with the nature of Milly’s fearless mission, GRLKND entered the online education realm for teenage girls in 2018. In a world where everything is designed to make you feel less-than, GRLKND teaches you the rebellious act of loving and accepting yourself. Milly figured out that the vital step before achieving any sort of goal-setting, self-growth and success is GRLKND. This online community, formulated with the professional advice of 15 female industry leaders, is poised to disrupt the silence in which many young women struggle. GRLKND was founded compassionately by Milly, with a social movement in mind, which celebrates and inspires kindness, confidence and self-love.

The GRLKND initiative is the world’s first holistic self-growth education community detailed specifically for young, developing females, written by a young female, in an accessible, relatable way.


Following the relentless inundation of cries for help; soul-bearing, advice-seeking communication from young women, Milly decided it was finally time for someone to stand up and do something on a larger to scale, to bring forth the knowledge required to guide these young women back to steadfast self-love and confidence. 


Over 11 months, Founder & Director Milly Bannister conducted a multitude of research including surveys and focus groups, to design the most desired, appropriate and practical program outline, before seeking professional contributions from outside her official knowledge obtained from a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media & Communication and professional experience in the industry, (and personal experience as a young woman).


Travelling between Australia and each coast of the United States, Milly gathered an unparalleled amount of resources to begin writing the GRLKND curriculum in a focused language intended to relate directly to the young female demographic and trigger substantial self-development and lifestyle refinement.


Today, the undeniable love and kindness, having been at the core of the mission, is brought to life through the launch of the GRLKND social movement, which celebrates and inspires kindness, confidence and self-love.


From Australia to California, to New York City, Milly continues to live life by her design, one day at a time.