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Dear Loved One,


You are reading this letter because a special young girl in your life believes you to be her primary care-taker. Out of everyone in her circle, she picked you, because she has confidence in your true love and belief in her. She strives to be a confident, motivated, and deeply happy young woman armed with knowledge, bravery and kindness. I, Milly Bannister, Founder and Director of GRLKND, an accessible, supportive, online community of young women who are real-talking and self-developing their way into the best version of themselves, invite you to read on, and let me explain how we can work together to mould that special young girl into the beautiful person she strives to become.


In an ideal world, every teenager would come with an instruction manual. You would be given a clear set of do’s and don'ts to deftly troubleshoot every challenging situation that can ever possibly come up. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love for the world to be as straightforward as Ikea furniture, life doesn’t come with directions. But you know what? It’s all good. We aren’t born with an Allen-key in hand and we aren’t expected to know everything. We stick to what we are good at and leave it to others to do what they’re good at.


We have come a long way since the 70s, when a personal pocket wizard with broad abilities was, no, not an iPhone X in space grey, just a calculator. But are we smarter now that technology has armed us with a palm-sized answer to everything? Or are we simply slaves of reliance and lifestyle comparison, losing the ability to make our own magic, mentally and socially? I understand that as a parent, it would be worrying to acknowledge that, as smart social technologies become more intrusive, they risk undermining our confidence, autonomy and creativity, surrendering our surveillance and eliminating privacy and face-to-face interactions. Technology has enabled us to do more while understanding less (especially about ourselves).

I understand that you once were a teen yourself, but you didn’t grow up online like we did. Everything has changed and sometimes our worlds don’t quite align. Michael Rich, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School affirms that our “society is raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are wired completely differently.” Our teens are being force-fed consumerism, making them believe that ‘having mode’ is superior to ‘being mode’, bringing with it a whole new world of complications.


Did you know that body image has been a top 3 concern in young Australians for the past 9 years, according to the Butterfly Foundation? Or that, globally, suicide remains the second most common cause of death among young people between 15 and 24 years of age, according to the World Health Organization? Adolescent social comparisons, in a variety of domains, including social media, brings with it a sense of vulnerability to rejection if that comparison is unfavourable. In turn, this can lead to the development of psychopathology and health issues. Overall, we are all aware of the detriment, and are determined to action a protective strategy, but just don’t know where to start. Well, I’m here to tell you that you finally know where to start. Start with GRLKND.


GRLKND is a practical, accessible guide for real girls, full of loving guidance, profoundly personal stories and genuine ‘aha’ moments. Milly Bannister, (Founder, Director and Mentor), is the down-to-earth best friend your girl has always needed, offering up relatable advice and action-based strategies and tools to overcome limitations in a truly transformative way. Essentially, it is an online 3 month, step-by-step video course, complete with 10+ qualified, industry experts, 4 stages of teaching, 12 modules and 50 videos for a personal journey that will be paired with the support of our online, protected discussions and activities within the GRLKND community.


I will personally be presenting each student with fun, engaging, premium transformative modules and corresponding PDFs every week over this 3 month period, with specifically designed exercises to cement each week’s learnings and encourage action. Each topic and assignment is delivered in a succinct 5-10 minute video with real-life examples and techniques, increasing in difficulty and commitment as we progress. I will be her confidante, the bridge builder, to get her safely from where she is now, to where she wants to be. I was once in her shoes, quite literally, the size 6 pair of Adidas Originals she bookmarked on Instagram pre-birthday. I am not perfect, but I’m the perfect mentor for her. Looking back, I wish I had learned these strategies earlier on in life, but nothing like this existed for me, there was no support or accountability for change. I didn’t really have anyone to turn to that ‘got me and my struggles’ without judgement. I figured it all out myself with years and years of self-battles, a whole lot of ups and downs, a move to the other side of the world, a university degree and tens of thousands of hours of research and self-development training and practice. Now, at just 21, I am the Director and Founder of my own successful company, working my dream job full of passion, living in Manhattan, New York, in a healthy relationship, surrounded by a wonderful support system, and I’m confident, comfortable, motivated and brave enough to create my own reality, and live the life of my dreams, every single day.



So What’s Included?

  • 4-stage, step-by-step guide with 12 modules

  • Actionable strategies & certified techniques

  • PDF summaries and assignments

  • Constant support and accountability with an interactive community

  • Dear Parents Page

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 7+ hours of content

  • Bonus Lessons

  • Industry Expert contributions and approval

  • Weekly blog posts

  • Email communication

  • Event invites + more!


What can she be expected to Learn?

Together, her and I are going to start right at the core of it all: Self-love, because you can’t fully live until you love yourself. In weeks 2-4, she is going to learn how this is possible, through a number of bullet-proof techniques and strategies. She is going to learn how to be kind to her mind, the secret of daily happiness and how to quit comparison and stop giving a hoot what others think of her, to gain rock hard self-esteem. Then, I’m going to teach her why being herself is her superpower and how to find the strength to be herself whilst balancing life’s many facets.


Moving onto stage two, ooooh this is a great module, she gets to know the 'confidence hack'. This is the part where she starts feeling like Beyoncé. We have some work to do in this module, but this is going to truly transform her life, and I’ll be right there to help her. She will also learn ‘crisis management’, so that nothing can ever crush her again. Next up, is the movement, health and nourishment guide to holistic wellness, including a number one, proven, secret for daily success and satisfaction. In week 7, she will learn what success and goals look like to her and how to safeguard and achieve it through tried and tested techniques that deliver her best

self. She will also learn how to comfortably invite the unknown into her life, how to eliminate energy wasters, how to say NO, be ambitious, meet a mentor and gently manage her

money and living space.


Once your girl learns to understand her worth and how to use her value to reach her goals, she will learn how to present herself in the best possible (selfie) lighting in stage three. She and I will go through smart styling, body image, makeup stuff and digital profile polishing, all the way from zero negativity policies to authenticity preservation. From years of training in the media space, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve for consciously creating a presence that best represents her, (and yes that includes taking and editing photos because it’s true, we all love great photos of ourselves).


Finally, we get to juicy information in our final stage, ‘connection,’ where we speak about choosing love over fear, for healthy relationships, sexual health and personal freedom. We go deep into the nitty-gritty of connections, both romantic and family, as well as peer and platonic. She will learn how to make life-changing connections IRL (in real life) and maintain positive energy. We then get to farewell the new GRL, from the course, that will continue to evolve, through not only her own self-development, incorporating the GRLKND strategies, but also in our online community of supportive sisters. Keep in mind, throughout this whole learning process, we also have incredible contributions from inspiring, young women who also happen to be qualified, leading industry experts in their field, banded together, (kind of like the Avengers), to form the unstoppable community that is GRLKND. Each video is also supported by a PDF that outlines any action-based assignments she needs to complete before moving onto the next stage.


Your girl will have lifetime access to all of this knowledge, for her to watch over and over, and also to the community, and myself. I am here for her, FOR LIFE!



Please note:

HIGH-RISK STUDENTS: If my team and I come across anyone that we believe needs crisis support, where the situation exceeds my capability and training, discreet referral or transfer to the appropriate caretaker or clinical support will be arranged as a matter of urgency. Risk assessments should only be carried out by professionals with the necessary degree of training.