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An Australian-born, USA-residing lifestyle journalist, creative director, mentor and self-made girl-boss.

My mission is to support, empower and inspire the transformation period between girl and woman to accelerate every young woman’s journey towards personal power.


I'm Your Girl! That is, if you're looking for a big, pink, sparkly catapult to social media success! Are you in the mood for growth but don't know where to start? Are you ready to become insta-goals but not sure how to brand yourself, or capture great photos, bring in followers and max engagement?

Grab a coffee with me (IRL or over video-chat), and let me coach you to kick goals. You'll learn my exact strategies, tips, tricks and methods for growing your personal or commercial brand into the 000's! I am here to help propel you towards your ultimate vision and trigger massive results.


Want my Photo Preset?

For a limited time, I have made my personal go-to 'Magic' preset that I use for my professional Instagram images, available to the public! For less than the price of lunch, you can buy this easy-to-install Lightroom preset to use on your lifestyle, family, travel, fashion, animal and personal photos, to freeze your favorite memories forever and ever! + get 2 bonuses 'cause I love ya!


You Asked For It...

On the GRLKND podcast, self-made girl-boss and founder of GRLKND, Milly Bannister (me!), will help empower and inspire self-transformation to accelerate your journey towards personal power.


Listen in on honest conversations to discover the best tips and tricks that help many women like you, realign self-perception with self-love, to go forth and achieve all you desire and dream of.

Have you heard!?

GRLKND is here for you and it offers a unique self-learning experience for young women, like you, by providing an unprecedented, real-talk guide to accessing true self-love, self-confidence and passionate purpose.


We are dedicated to the highest quality of service, support and empowerment.